Why I Started… Then Stopped Abruptly¬†


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When I started this blog, it was so I could share my writing and see my process…

I started sharing my writing because a lot of people told me my writing was good, and I should make a book, or blog. So I started a WordPress. I thought, I’ll write forever(because I have a lot of good pieces); but then all of a sudden I stopped.

I don’t know if any of you cared about me stopping, but it kinda ate at me a little because I stopped doing something I enjoyed. My days got boring, and repetitive(get up, eat, walk, game, TV, eat, sleep.) kinda boring, right? I found out I missed the little notifications that I got from people liking/commenting/sharing(even though I never got shared). 

So here I am. On a beautiful Morial day weekend starting to write again. I know I might write short poems/stories but they tell how I feel. They help me realize how far I’ve come, and they help me cope. I just want to give a hug to everyone who likes/comments/shares.

I will try to keep this going.

Thank you. 


Don’t Tell Me…


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Dont tell me you care when you dont

I’ll believe it and fall for the lies

Just to be by your side

I thought what we had was true

But you turned around and played 

me like a fool

Dont you see that i give you all my love?

Just to get shoved…

What happened to us?

It seems like it was just a mess

You played me like chess

Knowing all the right moves

Making me fall over and over again

But no plan to catch me

I thought what we had was true

But you turned around and played 

me like a fool

Dont you see i give you all my love?

Just to get shoved…

One Day…


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One day, you will find someone that loves you

They will love the very tip of your head to the bottom of your soles,

All the little annoying, or beautiful things you do and say

Don’t lose that, it won’t ever be found again…

If you do lose that love, it will be very hard if not impossible to find again,

They will take away the pain you have, make your grey skies blue and cloudless, and you will feel like you can do anything you put your mind to

They may be in a different city, state, or country

And you may not ever see them or get to know them personally

But you will know if it’s love, trust me

The smiles will come, the tears will fade, and you will know that it is, indeed, love…

Love is a funny thing, you see,

But believe me my dear, the wait and pain is worth so much more than you know



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Tears came down like rain as they talked about the future

Future that could or couldn’t be

Knowing whats right in front of them but both too afraid to do anything about it

Falling into your arms was a piece of cake

But trusting was like pulling teeth out while awake

Trust was there, so was love

Love that never left, but remained in her heart

Being caught in a net of love, but the netting had holes

Holes that were too big to continue to hold her

Slowly falling into the deep dark hole

The hole she thought she climbed out of

So many questions that were answered, but so many lies before

Was this the truth? The truth of “God works in mysterious ways, and we both have seen them”

Or was that what you knew I wanted to hear, so you said them?

Who are you? Who do you love? What do you want?

All those questions answered, but the broken trust makes her question like no tomorrow….

Walking Away


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Walking away is one of the hardest things ever done

Knowing where you want to be, but not being able to be there

Building up and breaking down the walls

The walls I built to not let anyone in, the ones you slowly broke down

I let you make me happy, let you have me fall for you, knowing we would never be

Now, looking back, I don’t know what I was doing, letting myself trust you

All you ever wanted to do was feel loved, but maybe I was the wrong person to love you

Your lover will come soon, it just won’t be me

This is me walking away, walking away and not looking back

Me standing up through the tears, though the mist

Never looking back