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All of this was a joke to you, wasn’t it? You knew I would cry, and you were right. Yes, I love you. But why? Because I’m stupid. I go to the one that has hurt me the most and let him love me slowly, until we crash into a cement wall. Then it happens all over again, the process never seems to end. We don’t even fight. We have our fake fights, but thats it. You’re the only guy who can break me like this and I can’t shake it. I can’t shake you and I can’t shake the thought of us being together one day. I know you’re not healthy for me, but you’re like my drug. Pulling me up, then tearing me down. Down until I can’t stand anymore, down until I try to give you the last straw and then you come back wanting to be here again. Why do you do this? Why do you want to be here? You know you’re better off without me. Or do you think I am your savior? Jokes on both of us I guess.