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Vines are coming down around me
Taking me by the waist and up into the crevices of the walls

As I try to shake free, I find myself even more tangled into the big mess of shrubbery

My demons start coming out of the long dark green vines that I am now engulfed in

Demons that I have tried to put away and drown

As they look at me in the eyes, I can see that they only want to kill me

On the other side of the wall I hear laughter, love, and beautiful music

Telling myself I need to get out of the vines and find my happiness again

I try to rip apart the vines with my bare hands, but I am too weak

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow

The shadow keeps getting bigger and bigger and I know I need to get out of there fast

I try one more time to rip the vines, but this time I dig my heels into the wall and use my nails to break free

Falling to the ground I see that there is no way out of this dark room

The dark room that is now closing in on me

Closing in too tight to even breathe or live…