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“Ohhh, ohhh, oh!!”Jemma yelled while she was breaking it down on the dance floor. The night was still young, and she was at Club Honor hanging out with friends. The lights were blaring in her eyes and the music was as loud as a bomb going right off in front of you. As the song changes, more people begin to pile into the pit of clubbers, pushing and shoving, grinding and swaying as the best gets heavier and heavier. Jenna sees her ex James from a far and sees him walk up to her, freaking out, she runs to the bathroom… Not knowing what she will run into. As she goes into the bathroom, she sees her best friend doing a line of Coke on the bathroom floor. As soon as Kyra knew that Jemma was standing over her watching her take the line, her face went white as a ghost. Kyra looked at her best friend, and tried to explain what was going on. As Kyra was trying to make excuses as to why she was doing the line, Camila came in and told Jemma that James was out there wanting to speak to her. Knowing James was the one who beat her, Jemma didn’t want to go alone, so she said “whatever” to Kyra and Camila and asked them to go with her. The girls started to walk out and James came up, wanting to only talk to his ex, alone. She agreed, only because they were at a club with many others…. He ended up trying to pressure her into going home with him, but Jemma stood her ground and said “I think that I might stay”.