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I know we may not get a long sometimes, and I may have not liked you when I was younger… But as I got older I realized being a step parent is a choice. You didn’t bring me into this world, but you came into mine willingly.

A lot of kids have step parents but not a lot of kids can say that their step-parent made an impact on their lives. I am lucky enough to say I have that in my life. No, you may not be my best friend. No, awe may not get along all the time… But I am very lucky to have you in my life. 

You were with me from second grade till graduation; and continue to be by my side through my twenties. Teaching me how to drive, ride a bicycle, tie my shoes properly, and many other things along the way. I may not remember everything you taught me, and that’s okay. 

Yes, my real father may have left me before I was born. But a true father came into my life when I was seven years old. One that would never leave my side, one that would teach me how to do many things, and one who would help me through anything I was going through.

Looking back, I now realize you were and still are a blessing in disguise and I thank you for being my blessing. 

(This will be ongoing as I think of more to say)