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When I started this blog, it was so I could share my writing and see my process…

I started sharing my writing because a lot of people told me my writing was good, and I should make a book, or blog. So I started a WordPress. I thought, I’ll write forever(because I have a lot of good pieces); but then all of a sudden I stopped.

I don’t know if any of you cared about me stopping, but it kinda ate at me a little because I stopped doing something I enjoyed. My days got boring, and repetitive(get up, eat, walk, game, TV, eat, sleep.) kinda boring, right? I found out I missed the little notifications that I got from people liking/commenting/sharing(even though I never got shared). 

So here I am. On a beautiful Morial day weekend starting to write again. I know I might write short poems/stories but they tell how I feel. They help me realize how far I’ve come, and they help me cope. I just want to give a hug to everyone who likes/comments/shares.

I will try to keep this going.

Thank you.