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Tears came down like rain as they talked about the future

Future that could or couldn’t be

Knowing whats right in front of them but both too afraid to do anything about it

Falling into your arms was a piece of cake

But trusting was like pulling teeth out while awake

Trust was there, so was love

Love that never left, but remained in her heart

Being caught in a net of love, but the netting had holes

Holes that were too big to continue to hold her

Slowly falling into the deep dark hole

The hole she thought she climbed out of

So many questions that were answered, but so many lies before

Was this the truth? The truth of “God works in mysterious ways, and we both have seen them”

Or was that what you knew I wanted to hear, so you said them?

Who are you? Who do you love? What do you want?

All those questions answered, but the broken trust makes her question like no tomorrow….